Project Management

The “Project Management” is an effort to organize,

end to end, the success of a project

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Few Concepts:

The paradox of project management:


  • Beginning of the project, significant leeway.
  • End of the project, we know what we should have done, but too late …

Type and Profile of Project :

     Profil EN

Few Tools Usually Used:

Diagram of works:

WBS – Work Breakdown Structure

WBS example

Diagram of Responsabilities:

OBS – Organization Breakdown Structure


The R.A.C.I. Matrix:

R = Responsible    A = Accountable    C = Consulted     I = Informed

RACI Matrix

PERT Diagram:

Determining the critical path (red arrows)


GANTT Diagram :

Time and ressources management

Risk Management:

Gestion des Risques

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